24 Ağustos 2019 Cumartesi
Discover new generation Design with TopSolid’Design 7.8

  • Improved sketch modes
  • New assembly constraints
  • More intelligent components
  • Advanced BOM management
  • Detailed and normalized 2D draft generation
  • Enhanced sheetmetal module
TopSolid’Design 7.8 has many advanced piping design functions.
The graphical cut function enables the user to visualize different part colours with automatic hatching of certain parts.
Don’t miss the productivity gains estimated at more than 30%

Thanks to its completely new and rewritten architecture, TopSolid’Design 7.8 allows you to go further than with traditional CAD systems. It’s new and simplified ergonomy and its exceptional speed will enable you to easily design and generate large assemblies with several thousands of parts. Missler Software’s philosophy of offering a complete solution right up to and including the actual programming of the machine tool means that manufacturing considerations are taken into account in the CAD stage.

Discover the new functions in TopSolid’Design 7.8:


  • Dynamic creation of symmetrical sketches with symmetry constraints
  • Repetition in solving stage Assembly
  • Position constraint (cylinder = open or exit) and joint management (joint stroke = 30mm)
  • In-place extruded parts from several sketches / profiles


  • « Processing parts » to easily use sub-component processes
  • Document intelligent component insertion (add an image, pilote classification)

Bill of Materials

  • Direct edition of document properties from the BOM
  • Automatic referencing of parts/assemblies depending on pre-established rules

2D Draft

  • Automatic dimensioning of extruded bars (length, cutting angles)
  • New document called « Draft Bundle » for 2D Draft organization (creation of assembly instructions)
  • Intelligent drilling notes (count identical drillings, merge notes)


  • « Visit » mode to virtually navigate in a assembly


  • Automatic flange creation on face edges
  • Advanced management of bending radius (linked to thickness or bending tables)
  • Plastik ve Metal enjeksiyon kalıpçıları için profesyonel özelliklere sahiptir. Neden sizde kalıp tasarımlarınızı TopSolid’MOLD ile hatasız yapmayasınız?

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  • TopSolid 5 eksen tezgahlar için %100 çarpma kontrolü sağlar. Tezgah ve iş güvenliğiniz %100 güvece altındadır.

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